As a manufacturer of various goods, you are faced with the operational and legal responsibilities of proper waste disposal and recycling. Let us relieve you of the additional worries that come with the collection and disposal of used sharps. Medical Waste 360 provides Phlebotomy Sharps Containers to store used sharps and ensure compliance with state, local, OSHA, and EPA standards when we dispose of filled containers. Proper storage and disposal of used sharps is important to the health and safety of your employees and we provide simple solutions.

Medical Waste 360 provides extensive experience addressing the Waste Management challenges of manufacturers across many industries.

Solutions for Manufacturers

  • Convenient delivery of safe, compliant sharps disposal containers
  • Free collection, shipping, and disposal of filled used sharps containers
  • Disposal solutions compliant with safe disposal guidelines, local laws, and regulations
  • Wall mounting brackets available to save space and keep out of reach of children